February Skate Swap

TCFSC is organizing a skate swap (and more) on Monday February 12 and Thursday February 15, both dates from 4-6:30 pm at the rink.

With the upcoming April14, 2018 Fun In The Sun competition, this is an opportunity for skaters and their families to sell and buy ice skates, competition dresses and outfits, and skating accessories.

If you have anything skating related that you would like to sell, please attach an envelope to the item with your name and asking price. Buyers will put their payment in the envelope. Cash is preferable; check ok made out to the seller, with your phone number included. No credit cards. Sellers are asked to give 10% of their sales to TCFSC.

The rink restrooms are available for skaters to try on clothing.

Volunteers are welcome to help the days of the swap and are much appreciated!


Beth Mucatel,

509-396-3497 tcfscsecretary@gmail.com

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