Dutch Mill Bulbs Spring Fundraiser is on!

The TCFSC has partnered with Dutch Mill Bulbs for a Spring fundraiser. Support the TCFSC and get started on your garden!

All orders must be submitted by March 10th.

The TCFSC custom order page can be found here.

Be sure to contact out-of-town friends and relatives to request their participation in our flower bulb fundraiser. Dutch Mill Bulbs has provided us with a custom group link TCFSC Spring Bulb Fundraiser for placing orders online. The link will prompt them to choose from a variety of popular items (all guaranteed to grow & bloom!), provide bill-to and ship-to addresses, and enters the seller’s name. Online orders are shipped directly to the address specified - a shipping fee applied as indicted below.

The skater who obtains the most number of orders (no minimum $ amount) will receive a $20 gift card reward. When your friends and family are ordering online, remind them to put your name in the seller box.

Flat Rate Shipping Fee

Package Qty Ground Shipping

1-4 Packages $10.00

5-10 Packages $12.00

11-17 Packages $14.00

18-24 Packages $16.00

25+ Packages $Free Ground Shipping

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