Labor Day Ballet

Jenie Lau is back!

Jenie Lau will be teaching a workshop for our TCFSC, SSJ and LTS skaters on Saturday September 5th. It will be our last opportunity to work with Jenie this year in the Tri-Cities!

Offering a specialized ballet program for aspiring figure skaters, Jenie will teach leveled sessions – one hour per level.

To learn more about Jenie check out her website at

Dependent on number of skaters interested, likely schedule will be:

Sessions : Sept. 5

Basic to mid-level Freestyle skaters @ (? time/ one hour)

Mid-level Freestyle through Adult skaters @ (? time/ one hour)

Location: Tri Cities Academy of Ballet and Music

Cost: $10 per hour for club members; $15 per hour for non-club members

Pre-payment Required

Sign-up on club bulletin board; check to TCFSC or cash; please give to a board member (Robin, Lyndsey, Beth, Yvonne, Craig, Jennifer, Carissa, Tricia, Linda or Miriam)

Presented by the Tri-Cities Figure Skating Club

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