Tri Cities Figure Skating Club

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Where can I buy skates?

The club tries to have a "Skate Swap" at least once a year in the spring where used equipment such as skates and dresses can be purchased at a fraction of their original cost.  Watch the home page for annoucements about upcome skate swaps.  To find used figure skates locally go to Facebook Marketplace.  


New skates can be purchased at:


  • the Hockey Source, located at 6501 W Grandridge Blvd Suite E, Kennewick, WA 99336.  The Hockey Source carries Jackson and Reidell figure skates and blades and can special order other products as needed. Since proper fit is critical, having your foot measured correctly is essential.  For skates purchased at Hockey Source, their staff will also help you fit your boot properly. 

  • online - Jackson and Reidell figure skates are readily available online at sites like Amazon and the  You'll need to measure your foot using the manufacturer's guidelines.  

  • Jackson and EDEA skates can be purchased from Bill Dodd at, located in Couer D'Alene Idaho. 

How do I take care of skates?


Wipe off your blades and use cloth "soakers" to cover your blades in your skate bag so that the blades do not scratch or nick.  Blade guards are used to protect your blades when you are walking around the rink.  Don't store your blades with guards on; the moisture trapped in the guard will cause your blade to rust. Soakers and guards can be purchased at the Hockey Source or online. 

"Air out" your skates to prevent mildew and prolong the life of the padding inside the skate.  Don't leave skates in a hot car for extended periods of time. 

Blades should be sharpened about every 40 hours of ice time.  Skaters can get their blades sharpened at the Hockey Source in Kennewick. Advanced skaters often take there skates to be sharpened by someone that specializes in sharpening figure skates.

  • Bill Dodd (Coeur D'Alene) NorthWest Skates 

  • Larry Muxlow (Spokane): 509-926-9402 (Be aware, Larry frequently works nights. Please do not call early in the morning!)

  • Vicky Zanders (Portland/Seattle): 503-329-5180

  • Rick Stephens (Highland Ice Arena Seattle): 206-546-2431